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A new book, "Mikhail Bulgakov. Kiev echo"
You can buy it in the museum. Presentation of the book was held at 15th of May 2011 in Bulgakov's birthday. The book compiled by - Anatoly Konchakovsky, the first director of the museum and Svetlana Nozhenko, Senior Research Fellow.

The book was created with the active support and assistance of our sponsors UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group


Foundation of the Literature-Memorial Museum to Mikhail Bulgakov in UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group

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M. Bulgakov’s Brief Biography.
Life and Works

On the night of 2nd/3rd May (15 May in the new style) – he was born in Kyiv at 28 Vozdvizhenskaya Str. (in the house of Matvey Butovskyi, the priest).
18 (30) May – he was baptized in Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church, the district of Podol, by the priest Matvey Butovskyi. His godparents were Nikolay Petrov, an ordinary Professor with Kiev Theological Academy, and Olimpiada Bulgakova - Bulgakov’s grandmother by his father’s side.

17 (29) May – the Bulgakovs moved to 4 Hospitalnaya Str. (Popov’s house).
June – July – V. Bulgakov together with Mikhail stayed at his parents’ house in Karachev, Orlov province.

20 August – the Bulgakovs moved to 9 Kudryavskyi Lane (V. Petrova’s house, she is the daughter of Mikhail’s godfather). The Bulgakovs lived there eight years.

October – he wrote his first story Svetlan’s Adventures (the text has not survived).

March – the Bulgakovs bought the plot of land in the village of Bucha near Kiev and started building a cottage.
18 August – he entered the reception grade of the Second Kiev Classical School (18 Bibikovsky Blvd.). Mikhail’s uncle, S. Bulgakov, is the Classical School’s regent.

22 August – he entered the first grade (second branch) of the Fist Kiev Male (since 1911 Aleksandrov’s) Classical School (14 Bibikovsky Blvd.).

February – Irina Bulgakova, an obstetrician, S. Bulgakov’s widow, settled in the family’s house.
August – completing construction of the cottage in Bucha – a one-storied wooden five-room house with two porches.

January – charity performance “The Princess and the Pea” (stage director: V. Bulgakov) is staged at Syngaevsky’s apartment (13 Malo-Podvalnaya Str.) and Lukianovskaya hospice. Mikhail plays two roles: the Wood Goblin and the Gang Leader.
March – the Bulgakovs moved to 5 Voloshskaya Str. (Kiev Theological Academy’s house).
Summer – he finishes the second grade with the award at the Classical School.

March – the Bulgakovs moved to 10 Prozorovskaya Str.
Summer – he finishes the third grade with the second degree award at the Classical School.

March – the Bulgakovs moved to Dionisievsky Lane.
August - the Bulgakovs moved to 13 Andreyevsky Spusk, apt. 2 (Z. Mirovich’s place). They rented the second floor, seven rooms.
Summer – he moved up into the sixth grade with the first degree award.

8 February – А. Bulgakov got Ordinary Professor’s degree and relevant remuneration.
14 March – А. Bulgakov died.
16 March – А. Bulgakov’s funerals.
Summer – he moved up into the seventh grade. The record for 1906 – 1907 academic year contained a “satisfactory” mark for Physics.

June – he moved up into the eighths, graduation grade at the Classical School. The record for 1907 – 1908 academic year demonstrated a “satisfactory” mark for Algebra and Trigonometry.
Summer – he earned some money as a railway conductor (at Bucha direction), tutored, met Tatiana Lappa.

8 June – he got a School Leaving Certificate at the First Kiev Classical School.
June – August – partook in the amateur performances in the village of Bucha: According to the Grandmother’s Will, Spirit Rapping, The Jubilee, The Proposal by А. Chekhov (at the Poppers’ cottage).
17 July – he filed a petition with the Kiev St. Vladimir’s University Chancellor seeking to enter the Medical Department.
20 August – he was enrolled for the Medical Department.
7 November – V. Listovnychy bought the house No.13 at Andreyevsky Spusk.

Spring – he successfully passed the first year exams at the Medical Department.
Summer – he participated in the amateur performances at the Sementsovs’ and the Poppers’ cottages and the summer theatre in Bucha: On the rails, Separation is a Lesson, Columbine. He appeared under a pseudonym Agarin.

27 July – 14 September – Tatiana Lappa came back, upon leaving from the Saratov-based Classical School.
Autumn – he repeatedly took the second year at the Medical Department.
25 December – he leaved for Saratov together with Tatiana Lappa.

15 January – he came back to Kiev from Saratov.
30 May – 20 August – he lived in Saratov. Having returned to Kiev, Tatiana entered the Higher Female Courses.
10 September – he submitted a petition with the University Chancellor seeking to be a second year student again (more than the allowed period) due to the poor progress caused by his illness. He received a formal invitation to appear and serve his mandatory military service (as a 2nd degree soldier).
28 December – he read his story The Fire Dragon to his sister Nadezhda (the story has not survived). Nadezhda wrote in her diary his words: “You’ll see I’ll become a writer

24 March – he received a formal permit from the Ministry of Education for repeated studies at the second year. Having passed the two outstanding exams (Anatomy and Histology) successfully during the spring session, he moved up into the third year.
26 April – Mikhail and Tatiana wedding ceremony at the Nikolay Dobry’s Church. Father Aleksandr enacted the mystery of the wedding ceremony (А. Glagolev), the guarantors: B. Bohdanov, P. Gdeshinsky, К. Bulgakov, А. Gdeshinsky.
May – young family rented an apartment at 25 Reitarskaya Str.
Summer – he lived with Tatiana at his cottage in Bucha.
September - he rented the apartment at 38 Andreyevsky Spusk (doctor I.Voskrensky’s house).
Autumn – winter – he hosted youth reception days at 13 Andreyevsky Spusk on odd Saturdays.

July – he had a rest together with Tatiana in Saratov, at the “Rodnichok” cottage, which was rented by the Lappas that summer.
August – he served at the hospital with the Public Chamber in Saratov.
End of August – upon his return to Kiev, he continued his studies as a fourth-year-student at the University Medical Department. Tatiana started working at the hospital.
December – being a senior student he was on duty at the Red Cross Hospital in Kiev.

March – April – during the military recruitment campaign at the University, he expressed his desire to serve as a military doctor at the Marine Office. Upon the semester exams in his fourth year he got the degree of the 2nd grade ordinary doctor.
May – he is recognized to be “invalid for military field service”.
18 May – he got a certificate of a five-year student. He served in one of the Red Cross hospitals.
Summer – he had a rest with the entire Bulgakovs family in their Bucha cottage.
22 December – he finished the last semester at the Medical Department.

3 January – he got the Certificate for the entire studies at the Medical Department and a degree of the 1st grade ordinary doctor.
10 February – 30 March – he successfully passed his graduation exams at the Medical Department, got the doctor’s degree with honors.
April – he was assigned to Kamenets-Podolsky-based Red Cross Hospital (South-Western front).
June – September – he served at the hospital in Chernovtsy where he became a surgeon.
16 July – he was enrolled to the reserves of the Moscow District Military and Sanitary Administration as a 2nd degree soldier.
20 – 22 September – he was assigned to Smolensk province (to Nikolskoye Territorial Hospital, Sychevsk district).
27 September – came to his place of service, village of Nikolskoye.

14 February – 17 March – a trip with the wife for vacations through Moscow and Kiev to Saratov.
7 March – he is issued a diploma dated 31.Х.1916 to replace his temporary certificate.
20 September – he is transferred to Vyazma Hospital, where he headed the Venereology and Infection Department.
December – he visited Moscow seeking demobilization, his application was rejected.

19 February (in the new style) – he got dismissed from the military service due to his illness.
22 February – he left Vyazma and went to Kiev through Moscow.
1 March – he came to Kiev and settled with his wife at 13 Andreyevsky Spusk.
April – he opened a private practice as a Venereology Doctor at 13 Andreyevsky Spusk.
Summer – the Bulgakovs had a rest in their cottage in Bucha, Mikhail and Tatiana stayed in Kiev.
End of summer – autumn – he worked on the medical stories (future Notes of a Young Doctor) and read them to his close family.
Winter – the Bulgakovs’ cottage in Bucha was burnt down.

On the night of 2nd/ 3rd February – he was recruited by Petliura military forces. The escape.
July – August – he hided in the forests near Kiev as Bolsheviks declared doctor mobilization.
12 September – mobilized by the White Guard, was sent as a military doctor to Vladikavkaz.
October – November – he stayed in Grozny.
13 November – the first known publication in Grozny newspaper – Future Perspectives essay.

28 February – he started working for The Caucuses newspaper.
April – he worked in the Arts Subdivision Literature Section chaired by Y. Slezkin.
End of May – he is appointed to head the Theatre Section with the Arts Subdivision.
3 June – premiere of M. Bulgakov’s play Self-Defense at Vladikavkaz Theatre.
21 October - premiere of The Turbin Brothers play at the First Soviet Vladikavkaz Theatre.
25 November – he was dismissed from the Arts Subdivision, the reason went: “alien element”.
December – he finished The Grooms of Clay (The Deceitful Father).

January – he sent “The Paris Communards” play to the Moscow contest.
February – he wrote “The Mullah’s Sons” play.
Beginning of March – premiere of “The Paris Communards” play at the First Soviet Vladikavkaz Theatre.
17 – 26 September – stay in Kiev.
27 September – he came to Moscow. He worked as a Secretary for the Literature Office of the Public Commissariat for Education.
October – the Bulgakovs settled at 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya, apt. 50.
December – he was hired a Chief for Chronicle to the “Trade and Industry Gerald” daily.

Mid January – as “Trade and Industry Gerald” daily was closed he lost his job.
1 February – V. Bulgakov’s mother died of epidemic typhus in Kiev. She is buried at Baikovoye cemetery.
March – he was employed at The Worker newspaper, where between March and September he published 29 reporting and articles under various pseudonyms (М.B., Bull., М.Bull., Mikhail Bull., etc.).
Beginning of April – he was employed as a letter handler with Gudok newspaper.
12 April – the first reporting signed M.B. was published in Gudok. Total of over 120 Bulgakov’s reportages, sketches and satirical articles were published in 1922 – 1926 in Gudok.
May – he started cooperating with the Moscow editorial board of Nakanune Berlin-based newspaper. Early in May he is mentioned among the expected authors of Nakanune.
18 June – The Notes on the Cuffs, part one, were published for first time in Literature Supplement No.18 to Nakanune.

January – The Notes on the Cuffs, part two, were published in Russia magazine No.5 (they were not published in full in his lifetime).
20 April – he became a member of the All-Russian Writers’ Union (that day he was issued a membership card).
21 April – he was sent on assignment to Kiev by Nakanune. He stayed in Kiev till 10 May.
6 July – Kiev – the city feature story is published.
Mid October – he met the Chief of Nedra (Interior) publishing house and almanac, N. Angarskyi, and handed him Diaboliad novel to be published in Nedra.

Beginning of January – he participated in the party organized by Nakanune publishers in the Service Bureau for Foreigners. He met Liubov Belozerska, his future wife, who had just returned from abroad.
25 February – the first publication of Diaboliad in Nedra almanac, No.4.
April – he divorced Tatiana Bulgakova (Lappa).
20 April – The Crimson Island satirical article is published in Nakanune (Literature Week).
August – he moved with T.Lappa from apt.50 to apt. 34 at 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str.
Autumn – he started living together with L. Belozerskaya.
November – he moved with L. Belozerskaya to 9 Obukhov Lane, apt. 4.

February – The Fatal Eggs novel is published in Nedra almanac, No. 6, the first part of The White Guard is published in Russia magazine, No.4.
April – the second part of The White Guard is published in Russia magazine, No.5. (The third part of the novel was not published in his lifetime).
3 April – he accepted the proposal by V. Vershilov, the stage director, to write the screen version of The White Guard for the Moscow Academic Art Theatre.
30 April – he married L. Belozerskaya.
12 June – 7 July – he had a rest with his wife in Koktebel where they were invited by M. Voloshyn.
July – Nedra publishing house published Diaboliad collected articles (Diaboliad, The Fatal Eggs, Elpitrabkomuna House No.13, The Chinese Story, Chichikov’s Adventures).
Beginning of September – he read The White Guard play to MAAT troupe in K. Stanislavsky’s presence.
November – December – he worked on The White Guard and Zoyka’s Apartment.

January – February – he participated in The White Guard rehearsals in MAAT.
26 April – the second edition of Diaboliad came out.
7 May – the search in Bulgakov’s room in the Obukhov Lane by Unified State Political Department. The typewritten copies of Heart of a Dog and Bulgakov’s handwritten diary were seized.
End of June – beginning of July – he moved to 4 Maly Levshinsky Lane, apt.1.
24 August – the new title is given to the play – Days of the Turbins (“The White Guard”).
5 October – premiere of Days of the Turbins play at МAАТ.
22 October – premiere of Zoyka's Apartment in the Russian Drama Theatre in Kiev.
28 October – premiere of Zoyka's Apartment in Vakhtangov’s Theatre.
December – publication of the collected stories Treatise on Housing by Land and Factory publishing house.

7 February – he took part in the dispute Days of the Turbins and Liubov Yarovaya in the V. Meyerhold Theatre.
April – he started working on Running play.
May – June – he had a rest with L. Belozerskaya in Sudak at composer A. Spendiarov’s cottage.
End of August – he along with his wife moved to a new three-room apartment at 35a Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Str., apt.6.
17 September – Days of the Turbins were removed from MAAT repertoire.
20 October – Days of the Turbins performance resumed at МAАТ.
4 December - premiere of Days of the Turbins play in “Russian Theatre in Paris”.
December – the first volume of The White Guard is published in Concorde Paris-based publishing house by agreement with Bulgakov. The second volume will be published in 1929 under the title Days of the Turbins (in Russian).

2 January – Running play was read in МAАТ.
15 January – premiere of Zoyka's Apartment in the New Russian Theatre (Paris).
Mid February – he filed an application with the Administrative Office of the Moscow’s Council seeking a two-month visit abroad to address his publishing and staging affairs.
8 March – His application for a trip abroad is rejected.
21 April – mid May – trip with his wife to the Caucuses: Tiphlis, Batum, Zeliony Mys, Vladikavkaz, Gudermes.
24 October – Chief Committee for Repertoire banned Running. The play was not performed within М.Bulgakov’s lifetime.
October – started working on the first edition of The Master and Margarita (The Engineer’s Hoof).
20 October – premiere of Days of the Turbins at The Joint Theatre in Breslaw.
11 December – premiere of The Crimson Island in the Chamber Theatre.

28 February – he met Yelena Shilovskaya.
6 March – the Chief Committee’s for Repertoire issued a resolution to remove all Bulgakov’s play from repertoire.
Beginning of July – he wrote a letter to I. Stalin, М. Kalinin, Head of the Chief Committee for Arts, А. Gorkyi seeking a permit to leave the USSR.
2 October – he filed an application to withdraw from the All-Russian Writers’ Union.
October – he started working on the play about Moliere (A Cabal of Hypocrites).

11 February – he finished the play about Moliere A Cabal of Hypocrites, the second title – Moliere.
February – he started working on his novel Theatre (a Theatrical Novel).
18 March – The Chief Committee for Repertoire imposed a ban on staging A Cabal of Hypocrites. Bulgakov burnt down the rough copy of his comedy Beatitude, Novel about the Devil (The Engineer’s Hoof ) and the beginning of his novel Theatre.
28 March – he wrote a letter to the Government of the USSR.
17 April – he took part in V. Mayakovsky’s funerals.
18 April – I. Stalin phoned to Bulgakov’s apartment (35а B. Pirogovskaya Str.).
10 May – he was appointed a Stage Director Assistant with МAАТ.
17 May – he started working on adaptation of The Dead Souls by Gogol for stage at MAAT.
14 July – 3 August – he visited Miskhor with the Working Youth Theatre.

January – he worked on his novel The Master and Margarita.
25 February – he broke his relations with Y. Shilovskaya on her husband’s demand.
15 March – he quitted the Working Youth Theatre of his own accord.
30 May – he wrote a letter to I. Stalin applying for vacations abroad. The letter remained unanswered.
3 October – The Chief Committee for Repertoire gave a permit to A Cabal of Hypocrites.
15 October – he entered into an agreement with МAАТ to stage A Cabal of Hypocrites.

15 January – a decision to resume Days of the Turbins performances in MAAT.
18 February – the first performance of the renewed Days of the Turbins.
25 February – he completed working on adaptation of “War and Peace” to stage (but the play was not staged).
31 March – A Cabal of Hypocrites rehearsals started at the Art Theatre.
11 July – he entered into a contract with Zhurgas publishing house for writing Moliere biography for series “Life of Outstanding People”.
July – August – renewed his relations with Y. Shilovskaya.
3 October – he divorced L. Belozerskaya.
4 October – he married Y. Shilovskaya.
End of October – Y. Bulgakova with the younger son Sergey moved to Bulgakov’s apartment at Bolshaya Pirogovskaya.
28 November – premiere of The Dead Souls at МAАТ.

28 February – premiere of his play Moliere’s Comedians in the Russian Drama Theatre in Riga.
5 March – he finished his novel Life of Mr. de Moliere. It was not published within his lifetime.
April – May – his play Days of the Turbins run in France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, China, the USA.
Summer – Autumn – he continued working on The Master and Margarita novel.
1 September – Y. Bulgakova starts writing her diary.
20 November – Pickwick Club rehearsals started at МAАТ. Bulgakov is a Stage Director Assistant, rehearses the role of the Judge.

January – he entered into a contract for publishing The White Guard in English.
18 February – he moved to a three-room apartment in a cooperative writers’ house at 3 Naschokinsky Lane (later on – Dmitry Furmanov Str.), apt. 44.
28 April – his play Beatitude is read in the Satire Theatre. But it was not staged.
29 May – he filed an application for membership to the Soviet Writers’ Union.
June – he is admitted to the Soviet Writers’ Union.
13 June – 16 July – trip to Leningrad with МAАТ guest performances.
20 June – Days of the Turbins 500th performance in МAАТ.
12 August – he finished and delivered to the film studio The Deal Souls film script.
16 August – he entered into a contract with Ukrinfilm Kiev-based film studio for writing a film script of The Inspector General by Gogol. It was not shot.
17 – 23 August – he travels to Kiev together with Yelena Sergeyevna.
End of October – he finished his first full version of The Master and Margarita novel composed of 37 chapters.
30 October – he started a new notebook of handwritten supplements to The Master and Margarita.
1 December – he played the role of the Judge in the first performance of The Pickwick Club in the Art Theatre.
17 December – he made a contract with Vakhtangov Theatre for a play about Pushkin.
27 December – the first radio broadcasting of The Pickwick Club MAAT’s performance where М. Bulgakov took part.

27 March – he finished a rough edition of his play Aleksandr Pushkin (The Last Days).
23 April – Yelena Sergeyevna and he visited the ball in the US Embassy.
2 and 18 June – he read his play Aleksandr Pushkin to Vakhtangov Theatre company of actors.
15 June – he filed an application to the Foreign Affairs Office of Moscow Executive Committee seeking a permit to go abroad together with his wife.
Mid July – he is rejected a permit to travel abroad.
10 September – he finished his play Aleksandr Pushkin.
30 September – he finished his play Ivan Vasilievich.
10 December – he entered into a contract with Academia publishing house to translate Moliere’s The Miser.

16 January – he finished translating Moliere’s The Miser.
16 February – premiere of his play A Cabal of Hypocrites at МAАТ under the title Moliere.
4 March – Moliere was withdrawn from the repertoire.
5 March – he took part in the contest for developing USSR history schoolbook. The work was not completed.
13 May – a dress rehearsal of Ivan Vasilievich in the Satire Theatre. The play is banned for staging.
31 May – 12 June – visit to Kiev with Yelena Sergeyevna for MAAT guest performances.
17 June – he made a contract with the Bolshoi Theatre for libretto of Minin and Pozharsky opera.
27 July – 1 September - visit to the Caucasus with Yelena Sergeyevna.
15 September – he filed a notice to terminate from МAАТ.
1 October – he was employed as a Libretto Consultant with the Bolshoi Theatre.
November – he worked on A Theatrical Novel (The Dead Man’s Memoir).

9 February – premiere of Zoyka’s Apartment in Paris.
18 March – he finished libretto of The Black Sea opera. The opera did not run.
End of June – he started working on libretto for Peter the Great, music by B. Asafiev.
15 July – 14 August – he had a rest with his wife at MAAT actor V.Stepun’s cottage in Bohunie near Zhitomir. On their way back, they stayed a week in Kiev.
13 September – he finished the libretto for Peter the Great. The opera was not staged.
3 December – he made a contract with Vakhtangov Theatre to adapt Don Quixote for stage. It was not staged.

23 May – he finished the last handwritten edition of The Master and Margarita.
26 May – 24 June – O. Bokshanskaya typed The Master and Margarita from his handwritten version.
25 June – 22 July – he joined his family in Lebedian’.
9 September – MAAT Literature Office Chief P.Markov and an employee of MAAT Literature Office Vilenkin visited Bulgakov and made him a proposal to write a play about Stalin for the Art Theatre.
5 November – the Repertoire Committee issued a permit to stage Don Quixote. Performances did not run.
November – his play Days of the Turbins ran in London under the title the White Guard.

January – he worked on the play about Stalin under the title Batum.
26 March – he completed libretto for Rashel. It was not staged.
26 April – 14 May – he read the full version of The Master and Margarita to his friends.
15 June – he made contract with МAАТ to stage Batum play.
24 July – he completed Batum and delivered the text to the Art Theatre.
26 July – The Repertoire Committee issued a permit to stage the play about Pushkin The Last Days.
27 July – he read his play Batum in МAАТ.

14 – 15 August - MAAT team left for Georgia to work on his play Batum. The Bulgakovs came back to Moscow as they received the cable cancelling the trip. Batum was not staged within М. Bulgakov’s lifetime.
10 September – he along with his wife went to Leningrad.
11 September – his eyesight dramatically dropped.
15 September – he returned to Moscow. The council of doctors proved the diagnosis set in Leningrad: hypertonic nephrosclerosis.
4 October – he started editing the last version of The Master and Margarita.
10 October – he issued a general power of attorney and a will to his wife.
19 November – 17 December – he received therapy at Barvikha sanatorium near Moscow.
December – the last publication of his work within his lifetime – the translation of Moliere’s The Miser (J-B. Moliere. Collected works, vol. 3. – М. – L.: Academia).

22 January – he made a contract with МAАТ to stage his play The Last Days. No performances run in his lifetime.
January – he continued editing The Master and Margarita novel.
13 February – he dictated the last corrections to The Master and Margarita wording.
10 March – he died at 4:39 p.m.
11 March – his funerals in the Soviet Writers’ Union building.
12 March – cremation, the burial urn is buried on the Novodevichie cemetery.




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